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This website is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of Doo Wop and the groups who first began this solely American form of music.

Within this website; short artists bios, origins of
doo-wop, and links to other 50's ...fifties related nostalgic 1950's and early 1960's websites. We have attempted to list the major artists and groups who have been accredited with changing from rhythm & blues to beginnings of rock n' roll thus creating what is called an oldie or  the oldies.

The limited use of musical instruments and great vocal harmonies are the essence of
doowop music. It also combined easy to understand vocals and, simplistic words that appealed to the vast majority of Americans. The origins of Doo Wop seem to be rooted in urban African American society, however, not limited to this nationality. The street corners, school hallways gave birth to a form of music that changed music history in America and the world.

Click the "artist" link to search for your favorite group. All group entries must have had their origins in the 1950's. We welcome any additions that meet the criteria listed above. When making artist recommendations please include a brief history of the group and a photograph, if possible. Best Deals 24x7 @! Apple Store

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